BodyFit Wellness Mobile Services

Onsite Sports Massage (Team)

Pre/Post event massage (before/after a game or event) training or maintenance massage, and rehabilitation massage are all different types of sports massage used to aid the athlete to better performance on the field or court as well as to deal with any injuries, muscle soreness and stiffness, or pain.


Corporate Events

If you are having an event at your office, seminar, or convention, consider adding chair massage for your attendees and/or staff.  


Employee Appreciation

Does your office need to have some tension released, morale boosting, or do you just want to show your staff how much you appreciate the great job they do. 

Spa Parties

Spa Parties are an excellent way to bring the relaxation to your home.  Spa parties include massage, facials, spa foot treatments, pedicures, and sauna treatments. 

Special Events

BodyFIT Wellness is available for any special event for massage, far infrared sauna, and several other services.

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